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At Shreve Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing efficient service and care, so you can start enjoying your life to the fullest. We create a trusting relationship with friendly and confidential service. We listen to what you want in order to provide you with dentures that will meet and exceed your expectations. Anyone who has lost any or all of their natural teeth can come into our office for a FREE consultation to assess their specific denture needs. Our services include:




Same-day denture
relines & repairs


sports guards


Natural teeth

We Use Many
Well-known Brands

We carry and use products from many well-known manufacturers in the denturism industry, including:

mouth guards

NovaDent Denture Solution Is Here

We import this specially developed denture soak and have it in stock for our patients to purchase. Improperly cleaned dentures allow for the accumulation of a multitude of bacteria. Microorganisms found on dentures may contain bacteria, fungi (yeast), parasites, and viruses. NovaDent cleans what you see, and what you don’t see.

Sports Guards
& Whitening

In addition to providing denture fabrication and denture repair services in the Leamington area, Shreve Denture Clinic also carries sports guards/mouth guards and teeth whitening kits for your convenience.

Protect Your Teeth from Damage

If you are an athlete, sports guards/mouth guards are essential to protect your teeth while in practice or competition. Custom-made, well-fitted mouth guards from Shreve Denture Clinic prevent chipping, breaking, and nerve damage to your teeth but more importantly they may prevent tooth loss as well as concussions.

Improve Your Smile

We also offer natural teeth whitening services to ensure your smile is at its best. Our denturist will fabricate personalized whitening trays that will noticeably whiten your smile over the course of treatment. To find out more about our whitening options, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions!

Call today to book your
FREE consultation.

Call today to book your
FREE consultation.

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